Join us, support us

The association functions thanks to its volunteers and members. You can support us in different ways; by contributing through your membership, by becoming a volunteer, by taking part in the Board of Directors, by talking about the association around you!

Join LieU’topie

Membership of LieU’topie is open pricing, so that everyone, whatever their budget, can participate in our activities. As most of our activities are free, it is a way for us to finance our operations.
To join, you just have to go to the bar and ask a person in charge of the bar, he will take your details and give you your card!
You can also go to the HelloAsso website to join online!

Become a volunteer

Do you like the projects we’re putting together? Do you have an idea for a mega-festival in the electro kitchen that you would like to put in place? Would you like to propose other things at LieU, a vegan meal and folk dance evening, a reading café, artistic events, a conference on the acrobatic reproduction of the dragonfly? Become a volunteer!

It’s a chance to meet lots of great and motivated people, learn how to set up projects, realise your desires, fill out your CV and have fun.

To become a volunteer, come and meet us at the LieU or send us an email and we’ll get back to you to discuss your plans. You can also come along to the volunteer meetings we will be holding throughout the year.

Join the Board of Directors

If you really like volunteering and want to give more of your time to LieU’topie, you can join the Board of Directors. This means that you will have a decision-making role on the main orientations and choices of the association. This experience is very formative, it is the opportunity to learn more about the functioning, the mode of governance, the issues, the financing and the less visible actions of LieU’topie.
The Board of Directors also meets once a month to discuss the association’s projects over a pizza and a beer!

To become a member of the Board, tell a member of the association about your desire, he/she will tell you how to go about it.